Our company is engaging in BPO-related operations which include customer service call center (chat and call), digital marketing, systems solutions, web design, and other web-enabled operations. Majority of our employees are Filipinos and most of the employees in management are Japanese

Online Marketing

We offer up-to-date digital contents, use talents and models, and provide diverse marketing plans. Particularly, in recent years, we are focusing on online marketing that provides solutions to SEO and online contents.

Online MarketBusiness Process Outsourcing

Well Treasure Philippines Inc. was established in June 2019 in the Philippines, as a subsidiary of Well Treasure Asia. We engage in the development of call center operations and online marketing services by using our diverse and skilled human resources in the Philippines. We also aim to develop service-related businesses ranging from translation and interpretation services to offline services that take advantage of the language excellence and personality of the Filipinos.

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